The Stubborn Highs

Last night I had a dream that my BG was in the 400s and it would not come down! Normal BG is 80-100 and most diabetics like to stay under 150. But in my dream, no matter how many corrections of insulin I gave myself, it would not come down!

Although I have only gone that high in real life a few times, I will start feeling the symptoms of being high when I’m in the 200s. Blurry vision, excessive sweating, headache and the unending thirst is beyond the ability to comprehend. I have drank 2L (yes a whole pitcher) of water in 5 minutes and yet still felt like I was dying of thirst! When my BG is high, I will dream about how thirsty I am and how no one will give me any water!

No matter how “good” we are as diabetics, the fact is that sometimes BG gets high and will stay stubbornly high no matter how much insulin we try to throw at it. That is just a part of being a T1 diabetic. Sometimes it’s due to illness, sometimes it’s the weather but most of the time, we don’t know why it stubbornly refuses to come down. I’m very thankful that I don’t get these stubborn highs very often. But it’s hard not to feel like a complete failure when I do. That is when I remind myself that this is a challenging disease and all I can ask of myself is to do the best that I can and pray that God blesses my efforts.

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