The “Pain” of T1 Diabetes

“I could never be a diabetic and poke myself with needles all the time.” It’s probably the comment that I hear the most. I would have never thought I could either but when faced with life/death or even just feeling really sick, you learn to endure whatever you need to. And I’ll admit that I still shut my eyes tightly and count to 10 before each poke! It’s just what I need to do to psych myself for possible pain.

Finger pricks don’t normally hurt, I test my BG that way 6-10 times a day. I used to inject insulin 2-5 times a day but I’m very grateful to now have an insulin pump as it takes me from multiple insulin injections each day to site changes a few times a week. Sometimes I hit a blood vessel (and I personally have more than the average person at the surface of my skin ?) and have to try again but it still is far fewer pokes! I also have a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) and I have to insert a new sensor under the skin every week. Sometimes inserting a new infusion set or sensor doesn’t hurt at all, sometimes it really hurts! Yes it’s a pain (in more than one way!) but I choose to be thankful for technology that means less pokes.

I read about how diabetes management was even 20 years ago and I’m thankful to live in a time where we have better insulins and better tools for management. And even if having this disease means living with painful pokes, I’m glad that I can otherwise have better health than people in the past had with diabetes! T1 diabetes used to mean a shorter life expectancy but with proper management, that isn’t true anymore. While there is still talk sometimes about a cure, or at least an artificial pancreas, I choose to be grateful for any technology that makes management a little easier ❤️

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