Let Us Eat Cake!

Yes I haven’t written a new blog post for months! Honestly this blog hasn’t been going as I hoped and with only a couple of people reading my last couple of blog posts, it’s been hard to be motivated to keep writing them. But I’m still passionate about educating non-diabetics about life with Type 1 diabetes so I’ll continue!

“She can’t eat that, she has diabetes.” Every T1 diabetic has heard something like that said and it’s not true. Is sugar good for anyone? No. Should we all be trying to eat healthy? Yes. But outside of trying to eat healthy and balanced like everyone else, there is nothing a T1 diabetic can’t eat! Yes sometimes I may choose not to eat something because I don’t want the sugar but I’m not making that choice because I “can’t” eat it! And there are many T1s that will eat anything they want whenever they want and that is fine too!

This is an area that is a big difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Many people with Type 2 diabetes are controlling it with diet and they will limit how much sugar they are eating to keep their blood sugar in range. They may opt for sugar free or low carb alternatives in order to control their blood sugar. And since there are more Type 2 diabetics than Type 1s, most people think we all have to eat like a Type 2 and that is just not true.

As a Type 1 diabetic, even if I never ate another carb or sugar, I would still need insulin to control my blood sugar. As long as I take enough insulin to cover the carbs I’m eating, I can eat whatever I want. Since I dose insulin based on the number of carbs and there is often little difference in the number of carbs in sugar free and full sugar treats, I will enjoy the “real” stuff! So although I love the motivation behind offering me sugar free treats or low carb options, if I’m going to need insulin anyway, I’d rather have the good stuff. And sugar free or low carb treats are often just as unhealthy as sugar treats because of what’s added! Sugar is no more harmful to the Type 1 diabetic than it is to anyone without diabetes.

So when it comes to eating, a Type 1 diet isn’t going to look much different than anyone else. We don’t need special food options (except for the fact that we have a higher rate of food allergies ?) and can eat what everyone else is eating. We do need to calculate the number of carbs in what we are eating so we can dose insulin properly so we love when the carb information is available! But other than that, our meals likely don’t look any different than yours. So let us eat cake!

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