Getting High

Saying that I’m high is something I will do without even thinking about it until I see a startled reaction and have to explain. For a diabetic, being high has a whole different meaning than it does to the rest of the world and we often forget its other meaning! I have never been high on drugs but unfortunately having high blood sugar (BG) is something I deal with a lot. I also deal with being low, but if I accidentally say that in mixed company, I don’t get quite the same reaction as saying that I’m high!

Being a T1 diabetic is all consuming and it’s common for us to forget that the rest of the world often doesn’t know anything about what our life looks like. For many people, they got Type 1 as a kid and don’t remember what life was like not being diabetic. Since I was 27 at diagnosis, I remember very well what it was like to be “normal” before and sometimes I do miss it. Maybe one day, more of the public will be educated about the life of a T1 diabetic but in the mean time, if you overhear someone saying that they are high, remember that to some of us that means something completely different ?

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